SPR Retail: Web shops & fulfilment

SPR Retail manages various web shops, several of which operate in an international sales market. Orders for these web shops are fulfilled in-house, with orders from across Europe being processed in warehouses in the Netherlands.


SPR Brands: Brand development

Introducing a new brand to the market means determining direction and making choices; from product design to sales and distribution. SPR advises other organizations throughout this process. Brands under SPR’s own management include Kraftmeister, George Tools, and Zeller & Lange, all active throughout Europe.


SPR Online: E-commerce consultancy

Engaging in online retail can have more pitfalls than one might initially expect. With extensive experience in the field of developing e-commerce brands, online marketing, and web shops, SPR advises other organizations within the Netherlands or Europe that want to move further in this direction.


Headoffice & Warehouse Someren

SPR Retail BV

Randweg 1-b

5711DJ Someren

The Netherlands


Warehouse Nederweert

SPR Retail BV

magnesiumstraat 18

6031RV Nederweert

The Netherlands


Showroom Wirges

Kraftmeister GmbH

Christian heibel str. 45

56422 Wirges




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